Friday, March 6, 2009

A Dog by Any Other Name . . .

This is the story of the evolution of our dog's name.

We decided on Tobias as a dog name after watching Arrested Development. Just mentioning that show I am immediately filled with happiness at different images that pop into my brain (G.O.B. performing magic to The Final Countdown, for example) and sadness that it ended too soon. So, anyways, if you were wondering where Tobias came from, that's it.

We had always assumed we would call him Toby when he was a puppy, and Tobias when he got older.


Now, Tobias is just too much name for something that little and adorable. Toby is much more fitting.


And that is the picture of an older, wiser, mature dog. Tobias suits him now.

But actually, at some point during his youth, we gave him the middle name Guy.

"Guess what Toby Guy ate today?"

Then, that evovled into just Guy.

"I'm gonna walk Guy when I get home."

Next, when his head expanded to the size of a watermelon, he became Guy Head.

"Guy Head ate an entire loaf of bread."

Finally, we now find ourselves just calling him Head.

"Will you let Head outside?"

And that my friends, is the evolution of Tobias Toby Guy Head's name.


Keri said...

Very cool! Interesting progression.

Zoey's name was also inspired by a TV show -- West Wing (Zoey Bartlett).

And Jinx is from a movie -- Meet the Parents. I posted on The Nest asking for name suggestions and this was Christina's suggestion!

Heather said...

i LOVE Arrested Development. I really hope they make the movie. Tobias is so fitting for him!