Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Engamorial Day Weekend 2012

Although a bit belated, I felt it necessary to memorialize Engamorial Day Weekend like I have in previous years.

Andy wanted to take the Midas again.

Then I reminded him about how it cost us $500 in gas, hours in additional driving and breakdown time and my mental health last year.

And thankfully this convinced him to take the Jeep.  It was a tight fit, but we use the roof cargo carrier to ensure the dogs had space to stretch out for the ride.  Of course they decided to occupy only a sliver of space by laying on top of each other, even though there was plenty of room for two.

We stopped at the bridge to meet up with the others, have a drink and a bite while taking in the view of Mighty Mac.

Once we arrived, the usual shenanigans and games ensued.

That last photo showcases the brackets for the random team cornhole tournaments that took place.  For one tournament Andy and I randomly drew each others names but our team (Barefoot Wizard Sleeves) lost in the finals.

The main event of the weekend was the engagment of Terpichelle which was celebrated with fireworks and champagne.  Thanks to Kara for the photos below.

At some point Toby wandered over bleeding from his paw.  He managed to secretly tear his paw pad doing dog stuff.  We cleaned the wound and bandaged him up using the top notch medical supplies of duct tape and one of Andy's socks.

Other than that, it was a typical weekend of indulgence and relaxation in da UP.

And we were able to drive there and back without breaking down.  It's amazing what you can do when driving a vehicle made in the past 30 years.