Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Engamorial Day Weekend 2010

Andy and I made our triumphant return to Engadine this weekend. We had missed the last two due to wedding business (like our own honeymoon). Shame on us. Here are some of the highlights:

- Driving up we saw a car with a pirate flag in the back window. This would have been sweet on it's own, but it was even more awesome because the vehicle turned out to be Eric Dennis and Company.

- I woke up Saturday morning around 5 or so, like normal. Upon awakening, I found that Troy was still up drinking from the night before. I'm not sure if he was delirious from lack of sleep or just plain drunk - but whatever it was made me laugh so hard I hurt.


- The best thing about a small town is the price of drinks at the local bars. A bottle of Stroh's and a vodka soda water cost a grand spanking total of $2.75 at the Pine. As such, we had a fine time at the Pine.

- When we left for town Friday, we put the dogs in the pen. When we left Saturday, we figured they'd be okay as they had settled into their new digs. Bad decision. Toby and Gordie tried to follow us. They went the wrong way though, which makes me think Toby was leading the expedition. The neighbors called and Papa Hoog rode his bike a mile down the road to retrieve them.

- Sugar donuts cut in half and stuffed with bacon are AMAZING.


- Favorite Quote: For the last hole of frisbee golf, you tee off from the front porch. Andy sat in a chair on the porch and said "Ahhh, this is my favorite hole because it's the most comfortable." Mama Hoogterp called from inside the house, "That's what he said!"

- Andy was playing HORSE on the basketball court on Saturday. He farted while doing a layup, and other competitors were unable to replicate the shot.

- Discussing who should drive after Andy had a couple of beers:

  • Andy: I could drive, but I'd probably blow over.

  • Me: Honey! That means you should NOT drive.

  • Andy: Oh please. I live half my life above a .08.
- On the drive up, Gordie used Toby's head as a pillow.


- On the drive back, Toby used Gordie's head as a pillow.


Considering the size of Toby's head, I think Gordie got the raw deal on that trade-off.

Now, as long as nothing gets in the way, I don't plan on missing another Engamorial Day for many years to come.


NotAppealing said...

You made me laugh out loud the whole way though the post!

Kerri said...

I swear I'm still 12 y.o. sometimes b/c the layup fart had me cracking up. Then at times I still think I'm 22 b/c I laughed at "I live my life over 0.08". Your blog title hits home. :)