Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We have about 2000 square feet in our home.

Plenty of room for 2 people and 2 dogs.

Yet, for some reason, the dogs enjoy sharing the same square foot of space.

Whether on the loveseat or the floor, it seems necessary for them to lay together.

During the winter, this posed a conundrum.

One excessively furry brudder liked to lay on the deck and eat his weight in snow.

Another less furry brudder enjoyed the warmth of indoors.

So then this would happen.

But now we seem to have perfect brudder weather. It's not too hot (read: over 50 degrees) so Toby still wants to lay outside and it's warm enough that Gordie can enjoy the outdoors too.

And all is right in their world again.


Christina said...

Oh so precious! I think it is even better that their friendship has developed. Both of our sets of animals were adopted at the same time so they just have always "known" each other. I love this post!

Keri said...

I agree with Christina -- it's neat to read about how their friendship has blossumed into brotherly love. Great photos too!

NotAppealing said...

Oh my god. This is so wonderful.

Monica said...

Your two guys are awesome, I especially love the pic of them on either sides of the slider. What a great bond they've got. :)