Monday, April 23, 2012

Charlotta Fun

Last weekend I traveled south to the lovely city of Charlotte, North Carolina for some quality time with my friends.  Initially it was just to visit one BFF, but when I mentioned my trip to another friend who lives 5 hours away, she drove the whole family down for the weekend.  Fun times ensued.

The first huge, climactic moment of the trip came when I went to Trader Joe's and found these:

Obviously the world's most healthiest food ever.  Salty, greasy potato chips covered in chocolate.  Amazing.

Then we ventured to the drive-thru zoo.  You pay a fee for buckets of food, roll down the windows and drive through the zoo while animals stick their faces in your vehicle and gulp down the goodies.  We thought Junior would be scared, but he was fascinated.

I, however, was only terrified of one awful bird.  The emu.

If the bird world elected a Satan, the emu would win.  I much prefered the llamas and giraffes.

Ok, I lied. I was also terrified of this guy:

His tongue was as long as his horns and it was disgusting.

The next day we went on a Segway tour of the city.  If you ever have the opportunity to ride a Segway DO IT IMMEDIATELY.  It was the most fun I have ever had on a tour.  And shockingly booze wasn't even involved.

I was fairly certain I would fall at some point, but the Segways were very easy to get a handle on after a few minutes.  So if my clumsy face can handle it, anyone can.

Team Flourescent Helmets for the win.

So, in conclusion:

If you ever find chocolate covered potato chips, BUY THEM.

If you ever find a drive-thru zoo, DRIVE THROUGH IT.

If you ever find a Segway, RIDE IT.

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