Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Smiles for Miles

It's nearing the end of the workday on Wednesday, and I find myself dragging.

And then this photo rotates it's way to the background of my computer.

That would be the dogs at the dog park. 

Now, Toby almost always has a smile on his face, because he's oblivious to life.  "Ignorance is bliss" has never more perfectly defined something than it does Toby. 

Gordie on the other hand, is much more serious about life.  He's constantly contemplating life's biggest questions like "Where are my humans?" or "Have I peed on all the things yet?"

So to get a smile out of the more serious dog is a more special occasion.  Fortunately, we have discovered the two places where you will be guaranteed a G smile.  The first location is the inside of any vehicle.

And, yes, as seen earlier, the second location is the dog park.

If dogs could get drunk, that is what they would look like.

And now my Wednesday has been cheered, because dog smiles are contagious.

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