Monday, December 1, 2008

Just like Bob Barker says. . . .

Please get your pets spayed or neutered!


That's right. If you don't I'll sic this maniac attack dog on you.


Yup, he's pretty ferocious.


OK, OK, he probably won't hurt you. But you should still make sure you get your animals spayed and neutered.

Tobias is at the vet having his "procedure" done as we speak. He didn't want to go, I hated leaving him, and I hate picturing him lonely, scared and sad. But, I know it has to be done.

I suppose I should take this moment to let you know if you do want a new pet - research first, buy second. And research A LOT. I'm talking hours. I'm talking phone calls with people who know. I'm talking budgetting your finances to include your pet. I'm talking reading up on the breed to make sure it's grooming, physical activity needs, etc. match up with you and your family. If your getting a puppy - be prepared to sacrifice quite a few nights of sleep and a lot of freedom and hours to training that pup. Oh, and you might lose a few table legs and curtains to those puppy teeth.

And make sure you find a reputable breeder - lots of breeds have websites with breed stewards who are willing/thrilled/excited to help you find a good breeder. Backyard breeders destroy the breed whereas reputable breeders keep the breed strong. If you're finding your puppies in the newspaper classifieds or in a box by the local grocer - that's probably NOT a reputable breeder. And of course you can check local rescues and shelters for a new furry friend. I've been scanning Petfinder for our next addition. We're trying to wait until Spring to adopt, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Those puppy dog eyes just have a way of drawing me in.


OK, I'll hop off my soapbox now.

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Keri said...

Great reminders.

And I'm sure Tobias is doing great at the vet. He's a brave puppy! He'll be happy to be home tomorrow though.