Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot Dog

In the summer, Toby loves to lay on the air conditioning vents.


There's a vent under there, I swear.

All summer long, when he would hear the air pop on, he'd trot over and plop himself on the grate and enjoy the cool air on his belly.

That all changed yesterday.

Because yesterday, I finally turned on the heat.

Toby heard the heat go on, and just as he had done for the past few months, he trotted excitedly over to the vent.

And then, well, I have trouble describing the expression on his face.

It was a mix of: surprise, sadness, fear and confusion.

Poor pup.

1 comment:

mary said...

Wow! My kids are like the dog. They love the vents. But come to think of it they like them in the winter too. To keep warm.

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