Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Two Valentines

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Yesterday we had some Moose over and I happened to ask, "Are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day?"

To which Andy interrupted "Or are you not doing anything because it's a fake made up holiday? Because it's completely BS and it's stupid and nobody should celebrate it anyways?"

To which I excitedly replied, "Ooooo, I can't wait to see what I'm getting tomorrow!"

Sarcasm and jokes aside, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day too extravagantly in our household. I still wanted to take a moment to appreciate the two guys in my life.

First, there's the big furry one. I know I kind of tease him a lot - what with his random barking, inability to walk down stairs faster than 1 mph and appetite for underwear. Somehow, Toby actually manages to be an exceptionally sweet and well behaved dog 95% of the time. Since I know you don't believe me, I've got some evidence. This is what happens after I yell, "Toby, Come!" And I only have to yell once. Well, unless he doesn't hear me the first time because he's too busy eating dirt.

Second, there's the big less furry valentine. Although he may not be the biggest fan of Valentine's Day, I'm lucky because he keeps me pretty happy all 365 days of the year by wearing animal t-shirts and doing man stuff. He makes sure I appreciate all that he does too, as evidenced by this conversation we had the other night:

Andy came in from the garage. He stood in the entrance to the living room, tall and proud.

"Tell me I'm a man."

"You're a man honey."

"I just did awesome man stuff."

"I know I could totally smell the testosterone all the way in here."

"I rigged a special fuel injection for the snowblower." (Honestly, he then went into a bunch more detail but I lost interest and stopped listening somewhere along the way).

"Wow, that's awesome and manly honey."

And he proudly marched away.

And for some reason, this made me smile and like him even a little bit more.

After he came in from completing all of his man stuff, he took a load off on the couch with the Head. About 5 minutes later, I heard snoring and looked over to see this:


And I smiled again and liked them both even more.

Happy Valentine's Day to my two guys.

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Kerri said...

Aww, that was a great post. I thought the part about Valentine's Day being made up was funny. You know if you think about it, they all are kind of made up...Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, the whole bit. I never thought of it that way though.