Saturday, September 18, 2010

Change of Plans

Andy and I awoke this morning with the best intentions.

We woke up and started driving downtown to complete a long run. On the way the clouds looked a bit too ominous and we were feeling a bit too lazy.

So we went to the beer store and got home brew supplies and some beers instead.

And here we are enjoying our first Autumn-like Saturday back in typical American fashion.

Brewing an Octoberfest.


Sipping some Pumpkin beer.


Enjoying the company of brew bears.


And listening to football.


Change is good.


Christina said...

The picture of the dogs snuggling is precious!

Maria does this:

1st Action: Point your thumb down
Say: "Michigan"

2nd Action: Point your thumb up
Say: "State"

Juli D said...

I love it Christina!!

Monica said...

How is that pumpkin beer? I haven't found one that I 100% love yet and keep buying new six packs. :) Your change of plans sound like the perfect way to spend a Saturday, yesterday would have made for a long rainy run.

Juli D said...

Monica - we really liked it. We haven't had a lot of pumpkin beers (we bought a few to sample so I could tell you more later). Pumpking was spicier than Ichabod for comparison but still subtle.