Saturday, January 8, 2011

My status.

Back in the day, asking about someone's status might have meant marital status.

Single? Married?

Or perhaps job status.

Employed? Unemployed?

Or maybe social status.

Middle class? Lower class?

Now, with the Facebook revolution, it seems status has evolved to mean: Whatever I'm doing, thinking, eating, smelling, drinking, etc. that I think the rest of the world would care about.

I came to find that FB had a fancy little program that threw a bunch of my statuses from 2010 into a cute little picture.

Some were related to clothing choices:


  • Andy examining his wolf t-shirt in the mirror: "One, two . . . five wolves. One, two, three . . . ten moons. Two moons per wolf. That's the equation for awesomeness."

  • "Will you be mad if I wear my deer t-shirt out tonight?" "No, why would I be mad?" "Because I'll be fighting off the chicks all night."

  • Came home from a long run and got ready to jump in the shower. Whilst disrobing realized that I just ran 12 miles wearing my running shorts inside out.
Others were related to our travels:


  • We attempted to spend as little as possible on groceries this week, so that we have more money to gamble with in Vegas.

  • Engadine or bust!

  • Andy's favorite part of the Dingle Marathon: The old woman picking blackberries in her front yard and handing them out to the runners and saying "Well done, lad." My favorite part of the Half: Petting a goat that was wandering along the course.
A few lot related to beer and drinking:


  • Founders Brewery Tour! It's okay to drink beer because it's after noon.

  • "Shots of Boone's Farm? What is this, kindergarten?"

  • GPS died on the drive from BWI to Fredericksburg. Used a winery map to navigate instead. 3 wineries and 5 hours later we made it to Fredericksburg.

  • Playing Taboo: KJ - "Ok, you get a shot for this once a year." Me - "Your birthday!" *time runs out* KJ - "Um, I was trying to get you to say 'flu.' "
Sports were of course involved:


  • Final Four. Freak yes.


  • Moose Tailgate. GO GREEN!
And one or two eight million related to the pups:


  • Test driving a dog for the night.

  • Toby is licking the sliding glass door. Which technically makes him a "window-licker." *sigh*

  • Home sweet home. If you need me in the next 24 hours, I'll be attending the dog party on my living room floor.

  • From the guests at our home: "Toby is a great alarm dog, but a horrible guard dog. He barked loudly at us when we got out of the car and then ran over, flopped down and showed us his belly."
So that's my status for 2010.

Or I'm just plain married, employed and lower class if you want to look at it that way.

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oliviahw said...

haha your blog cracked me up! I found the facebook status thing to be quite cool too! :)