Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry, He's Taken

Last night, I went up to bed at my normal bedtime of 9 pm. Because cool kids go to bed when the sun is still shining.

I turned on the TV and couldn't find anything on our 6 channels worth watching, but somehow ended up on the Bachelorette and watched boys get out of limos and try to make a good first impression on the lady.

It took everything I had not to vomit from the cheese and cornball antics.

When Andy came into the room, I explained what I had seen.

A: Really? No. They didn't do that.

J: Yes! Seriously, if I were that girl and half of those guys did that, I wouldn't be able to fake my interest. I'd just tell them to go home immediately.

A: If I were one of the guys, I'd get out of the car, shotgun a beer, throw the can at your feet, slap my ass and say "You know who I am."

Good thing I snatched him up before he could make his reality show debut.

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