Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Longer A Puppy

It's said about Bernese Mountain Dogs: 3 years a puppy, 3 years a good dog, 3 years an old dog.

Today, Toby is leaving his puppy years and entering his good dog years. Although, I won't necessarily believe this until I see it. I assume good dogs don't bark at walls or eat my lunch off of the counter, so I'm hoping the above statement holds true.

Time to take a look back on Tobias Guy Head's third year:

He again spent his summer on the air conditioning vents.

And found time to help us brew beer in the fall.

He endured 3 surgeries to repair his ACL.

And always had his brudder there to watch over his recovery.

He enjoyed many walks once he was better.

And cheered me on in my runs.

He worked on his impulse control.

And enjoyed playing with his cousin Jackson.

He ate his weight in snow when winter came.

But also enjoyed eating treats with his brudder.

He also enjoyed my foray into homemade dog biscuits.

He celebrated his birthday with a new toy.

Then experienced his first professional grooming and posed with his brudder.

Something tells me he'll be keeping his puppy attitude for many years to come.

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NotAppealing said...

Happy birthday Toby!!!