Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day

First, I kind of hate that people call Wednesday "Hump Day."

Second, I'm now going to talk about dog humping for the rest of this post.

Yes, that's right, the show has reached a new low.

If that kind of thing skeeves you out, you should probably stop reading now.

So, that dog Toby of ours.

He's kind of . . . special.

Actually, we connected the dots about why he might be so special a year or so ago.  In the memory of talking to Toby's breeder in the days after he was born, I recalled a certain bit of information.  I remembered her noting that "We lost one during the birth, but we were able to get him breathing again and now he's doing well."

We're fairly certain the puppy that lost oxygen during his birth grew up to be our lazy-eyed Tobias Guy Head.

Toby is pretty clueless about life in general.  This makes him blissfully happy most of the time, but also confused on a regular basis.

One thing he has never figured out:  his own body.

Before he got fixed, I think he tried to hump something once.  He has never been a dominant dog and has never understood why other dogs at the dog park regularly try to hump him.  He just stands around and looks confused when this happens.

Occasionally his body appears to be going through some sort of confused adolescence and he will start randomly humping.  Since he's asexual and doesn't know what to do, he will just walk around humping, acting confused and looking at Andy or I for help.  He'll sometimes try to sit or lay down, but will find himself unable to.  So he'll just be bewildered while he waits for his body to return to normal.

Andy and I find this amusing, and one morning Andy decided to record the event.

So for your viewing pleasure, here's a video of Toby stuck in a hump.

Happy Hump Day, friends and family.


Keri said...

I've never had a male dog, so I don't know much about the dog humping phenomenon. However, your post made me laugh.

I couldn't see the video, though. It said it's private when I tried to play it.

Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

this post is hilarious.

Monica said...

This is hilarious. One of my aunt's dogs does this, and it makes me laugh every time. Every time. He usually starts when there's another dog near by though and when the other dog walks away also gets, "stuck in the hump."

apt said...

Greta was lying on the floor next to me -fully asleep- when I played this. 12 seconds into it, she perked up, and stared at the monitor.
Your asexual dog appeals to mine over the interwebs, it seems.