Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Zealand - A Sprint for the Start

Getting to New Zealand from Michigan is not easy.

It is long.

Ambien is necessary.

Planes with personal TV screens and free movies to choose from is also necessary.

Here's a quick breakdown of our journey:

Step 1: Drive 3 hours to Chicago.
Step 2: 3 and a half hour flight to LA - 6 hour layover
Step 3: 14 hour flight to Brisbane, Australia - 12 hour layover
Step 4: 3 hour flight to Christchuch, NZ - 8 hour layover
Step 5: 1 hour flight to Queenstown, NZ - 6 hours until shuttle departure
Step 6: 2 hour shuttle ride
Step 7: Begin hike!

My jet lag just came back from typing that. 

I should note that our Brisbane layover on Christmas Day was awesome.  We left the airport and went to the "beach" - it's on a river but I'll call it a beach anyways - had some beers and relaxed.  I'd show you pictures because I brought my camera - I just forgot to put a memory card in it.  Whoops. 

For our midnight to 8 am layover in Christchurch, we hauled out our sleep pads and bags and slept on the floor of the airport.  Because we're classy like that.

Somehow, we finally arrived in Queenstown, got some grub, stored our suitcases and went to the lake:

That's not us in the above photo, just 2 random tourists who decided to sit down and get all up in my picture.

As we sat on the beach waiting for our 3 pm shuttle to depart, Andy perused our documents.  Then this happened:

Andy: Uh, we should probably head to the shuttle stop.
Me: Why?  We've got like 2 hours right?
Andy:  I guess I kind of remembered wrong.  It leaves at one.
Me: You mean now?
Andy: Yeah.

And with that, we began our relaxing vacation with a less than relaxing sprint for the shuttle.

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Keri said...

Well, you make our travel to Hawaii sound like a walk in the park! NZ travel does not sound fun -- but totally worth it, yes? BTW, I may have stretched out in LAX and caught up on some sleep during a layover on our way back. Brandon was not impressed by my classiness.