Friday, January 20, 2012

On the Road to Recovery

Andy had his ACL surgery yesterday. 

They shaved his knee and made him initial the correct one.

And then the surgeon came in and initialed the correct knee.

And then the nurse came in and made him state the correct knee.

Basically it was confirmed about 700 times that the left knee was the one to operate on.  Apparently it only takes one doctor somewhere to operate on the wrong appendage to put a few additional protocols in place.

Soon enough I got him home and comfortable.  And then the dogs decided to help make him more comfortable too.

Although "Dog Hugs" weren't formally laid out in his recovery packet, I think we'll allow the additional therapy.


Keri said...

We have the same Red Wings blanket.

Also, what is the contraption with the blue hose?

Juli D said...

Keri - It's a thing that continually circulates ice water onto the knee to keep the swelling down and pain away.