Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is that a towel in your belly?

On lunch breaks Andy and I trade off going home to let Tobias out. Monday it was my turn. I returned home to see puke in his crate and a long thread coming out of his throat. Then I noticed the towel we had been using to wipe his feet during the rainy weekend was chewed up and half pulled into his crate.

I was a bad puppy Mama and had set the towel on his crate. Shame on me.

I called the vet. When I was explaining what happened, she gasped. Great, as if I wasn't feeling scared enough about the situation, your *gasp* at what he did sure doesn't make me feel better. Then she talks to the vet and tells my I need to bring him in immediately.

It was at this point I teared up and thought "I just killed my perfect little puppy."

Turns out all is fine. The vet thought he was a smaller dog and Toby's eating and pooping like normal.

I'm never having human babies.

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