Monday, September 8, 2008

Well Hello!

Photo by Amy Carroll Photography

Who: Juli

What: A twenty-something wife, daughter, sister, friend and doggy-Mama

Where: Ada, Michigan

When: Whenever boredom strikes

Why: Why not?

I'll start out by explaining the name. In trying to think of a name, I thought about some of my favorite quotes, songs, etc. One personal favorite quote of mine is:

"People never really grow up. They just learn how to act in public."

That pretty much sums up the way I live my life. In public, I think I put up the image of being a mature and intelligent lady. Although I appear this way, I still laugh at fart jokes and the other week I opened a car door into my face.

If you're reading this, you probably already know my public image is a total fraud. But for some reason, you're still my friend. Thanks for that, and I hope you'll never grow up with me.

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aletha :: pearls events said...

Juli--so excited to have found you :) Looking forward to following along.