Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Gift Certificate for Beer

Last week, Andy bought a fridge from a coworker.

We have a fridge that's never full as it is. But, Andy decided we needed another one.

Yesterday, he hooked it up in the garage and dubbed it the "Beer Fridge."

He also looked pretty proud of his accomplishment.

"I'm a man! I install fridges!"

About 10 minutes ago, he came into the living room to share some of his man dreams with me.

"I wish I had, like a gift certifcate for beer. I wanna go buy a hundred different beers so I can fill the beer fridge. Then I would invite people over and show them and it would be awesome. But that's never gonna happen. I'm always just gonna have 15 PBR's in there."

That's my husband and those are his man dreams.


Keri said...

"I'm a man! I install fridges!" I nearly spit out the water I was drinking. Too funny. And so true (for all men, I think).

Heather said...

at Meijer (the cascade one... not sure about others), you can build your own 6 pack and buy individual bottles. They even have the blue "reusuable" 6 pack bags with dividers! He should check that out :)