Wednesday, June 1, 2011

R V There Yet?

Andy's father got an old motorhome to fix up. And when I say old, I mean old. A 1976 GMC Midas to be exact.

Andy has been helping to get it ready for our annual roadtrip to Engadine for Engamorial Day weekend.

As you can see I did my part to make it better using black electric tape.

On Thursday evening, we set off on the 7 hour journey with a planned overnight halfway up. Gordie helped provide emotional support for the driver and also served as a copilot.

"I'm here for you Dad."

"Road ahead looks good. Stay the course."

Toby did . . . um . . . Toby stuff.

"HI! I'm a dog! I like treats! Is this thing moving? Oh HI! I'm a dog!! This house is fast."

Bonnie, the Proctor dog, helped fill the driver's seat when needed.

"Nobody better mess with me when I'm behind the wheel."

The four humans being transported helped Andy drive by drinking beer and playing Euchre and being loud. Teenagers take note: Distracting the driver is fun and safe! Bonus points if beer is involved!

We only had one breakdown on the way up when King Midas wouldn't start. Andy got all super-mechanic like and shook some wires to fix it, and after an hour wait, was able to get the King going. After that, it was smooth sailing over Mighty Mac and to her final resting spot.

And when I say "final resting spot" you have no idea how accurate that statement almost became. More on the happenings of the weekend and the lack of happenings in the engine of the Midas to come.

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