Monday, July 25, 2011

Michigan SUMMER Beer Fest

I've been to Michigan's Winter Beer Fest a number of times, but never the Summer Fest.

What I discovered this weekend is: Summer is five billion times better than Winter.

I only had to put on 2 articles of clothing in the first picture, versus the approximate 15 articles of clothing in the second. Less is more people.

Basically, at the Winter Beer Fest, you have nothing to do except drink and try to forget about how cold you are. And since you're standing in 10 degree weather for 5 hours, you drink more than you should. And then you go home and fall down and get 13 stitches.

But with Summer Beer Fest, came warmth, relaxation and my ability to not tip over.

We simply sat down, drank slowly and enjoyed the lovely summer's night.

Oh and did I mention the lack of lines? At Winter Beer Fest, I have waited 5 - 10 minutes in line for almost all of my beers. Because, as previously mentioned, people are cold as a witch's teat and drink to forget the fact that their bodies are numb.

At the magical Summer Fest, I think I waited for a fill no longer than 2 minutes.

I give you coins, you give me beer. NOW.

A wonderful time was had by our group due to the continuous flow of the amazing brews and warm summer sunshine.

We still had our friend's dad come pick us up like we were high schoolers again. Just in case. Because buzzed driving equals drunk driving. Or so the billboards tell me.

So Summer Beer Fest wins the battle of the Beer Fests. I will still attend Winter Beer Fest for the delicious pretzel/bagel chip/donette/peach ring/gummy Lifesaver/anything-with-a-hole-in-it necklaces.

But Summer Beer Fest will now forever be my favorite.

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theAlmostRunner said...

this looks freaking wonderful. i need to get myself to michigan.