Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Stuff #1 - stuffonmycat.com

There are various things that make me happy. I've decided to post about these happiness makers one at a time. The first one on my list is the website: http://www.stuffonmycat.com/

Now, the site is exactly what you would think it would be. Stuff on cats. So simple, yet so amusing. I cannot explain to you why I find this amusing either. Perhaps it's a combination of the cuteness and the silliness of the whole thing. Really, I have no idea what's so funny about stuff on cats, but I keep looking at the pictures and smiling.


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Jackie T said...

I enjoy this as well. Dave and I found the book version at an Urban Outfitters once and spent about 20 minutes looking through the book and laughing. Poor kitties.

I also enjoy the cheezburger cats.