Monday, October 13, 2008

Running to Stand Still

So, I've been slacking in the running department since doing the 10K in the Fifth Third Riverbank run here in Grand Rapids last May. Not that big of a deal really. . . . if I didn't have to run in the Detroit relay marathon this coming weekend

My leg of the marathon is just short of a 10K (only 5.8 miles) but I just have not been in training mode - in both the eating and exercise departments. I've maybe put in about 10 miles per week in the past few weeks, when I should be around 20 - 25. Yesterday, I ran 5 miles and was logging just over 9 minute miles. That's ok, but for the Fifth Third run I was at just over 8 minute miles. It looks like my slacking is really showing. Bummer.

So, we'll see how this weekend goes. I'd like to do my 5.8 miles in less than 55 minutes.

And next year, Andy and I have both vowed to do the 25K portion of the Fifth Third run. That's more than a half-marathon, and thus an extremely terrifying distance for me. But, I want to challenge myself. And the more I run the more donuts, candy and ice cream I can eat - right?

P.S. - Apparently, when I run, my left wrist likes to look broken.

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