Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on Facebook to share 25 Random Facts about Me and figured I'd add it here as a blog entry. So, if you're bored here you go:

  1. I don't have a middle name.

  2. I enjoy simplicity.

  3. Some of the first cassette tapes I remember owning include: Guns N Roses, Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul and of course New Kids on the Block.

  4. I miss playing competitive tennis.

  5. I did not drink alcohol until my very first night at college - then I did my first shot.

  6. I have an enormous soft spot for animals and children.

  7. I didn't go to a professional salon until I was 20 years old - Mom always cut my hair for me.

  8. I can talk and spell backwards fluently.

  9. I have goals to visit all of the microbreweries in Michigan and see the Red Wings in all of the hockey arenas. MI Microbrewies visited = 18, Hockey arenas visited = 4.

  10. My ankle was in a cast for almost a year of my life and required 2 surgeries.

  11. I randomly fainted writing an answer on the board in math class in HS.

  12. I blame my lack of ambition in life on the fact that I have an incurable sense of contentment.

  13. I find it extremely difficult to not use my hands when speaking.

  14. I lived with a bat for 2 weeks.

  15. I love riddles and puzzles - word, number, picture, you name it, I love solving it.

  16. I have a fear of spiders and water/drowning.

  17. The color teal makes me happy.

  18. I love the feeling of my feet dangling in the air.

  19. I won my 5th grade Spelling Bee.

  20. I often feel like a living contradiction. Active, yet lazy. Responsible adult, yet silly and childlike. Easily excited, yet forever calm. Shy, yet outgoing. Great memory, yet completely oblivious. Athletically coordinated, yet perpetually clumsy. And the list goes on.

  21. I stepped on a sea urchin while snorkeling on my honeymoon and the spikes stayed in my foot for months.

  22. My hair was pin straight until middle school but then turned into the curly hair I have today.

  23. I am singing a song in the back of my head 95% of the time. If I'm not in public, I'm probably singing it out loud.

  24. I am known for constantly embarassing myself but rarely actually feel embarassed. Embarassing moments include: Riding my bike into a parked car, walking into a sign, riding my bike into a curb and flying over the handlebars in front of a semi-large crowd of people, falling down A LOT, and getting a large tear in the seat of my pants in class (twice).

  25. I have never had a cavity.


Eric said...

I didn't know you stepped on an urchin. Now you'll have warts. Or something.

Jackie T said...

#9 - Have you included the Fort Street Brewery in your count? I drove past it the other day and remembered the fun times at the Dearborn house!