Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toby Tales and Tidbits

Tobias turned 8 months old on Saturday. He's still chewing and attempting to eat everything, just like when we first got him. Sometimes he still finds things he's not supposed to chew too.


On Toby's 8-month birthday, we were headed out to a movie (Marley & Me, very fitting). I was upstairs getting ready and Andy came up to shower. He uttered the fateful words, "Toby's sleeping, I think he'll be ok alone for a few minutes."

So, Toby was downstairs by himself for all of 5 minutes. Do you think he was "ok alone for a few minutes?"

No, of course he wasn't.

When we leave the room, Tobias immediately puts on his naughtypants and goes cruising for fun new chew toys. His favorite place to look for fun new chew toys is on the counter. And sitting on the counter was . . .


Andy's 60 GB iPod. Resting peacefully in a delicious, soft black case.

You may now join us in mourning the loss of the iPod. Toby devoured the case, and the iPod was crushed between his teeth in the process.

Now, let's move on to Monday. We had some lovely pork tenderloins that had been marinating for a day and were ready to be cooked. There were 4 in the package, 2 small ones and 2 little ones. Andy and I each took a small one and went into the other room to enjoy dinner, leaving the 2 large ones in the baking dish.

Then Toby went into the kitchen.

Then I pried a large pork tenderloin out of Toby's jaws.

Then Toby got a timeout.



Keri said...

Good thing he's so darn cute, hey? Sorry about your iPod... and your pork... and the shoe that he's chewing on the first picture.

I love the timeout picture though! He looks so pitiful.

Juli D said...

It's true - it's hard to stay mad at him with a face like that. :)

Christina said...

OMG! This picture of the time out is tooooo funny!

Erin Marie said...

Aww, timeouts are ruff!

Eric said...

Who's a good boy?

nick said...
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