Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andy the Artist

So, Andy and I are planning on expanding our deck this summer and adding a nicer patio below. I've sent him some pictures of decks/patios I like. Then Andy took a real photo of the back of our house and subsequently made this:


I love him.

Edit: This blog of mine cuts off the side of it. View the whole image here.


Keri said...

How come he gets beer and you only get lemonade?!

Very cool blueprint!

Juli D said...

Ha ha, that's why I love it - the beer, lemonade and description of "flowers and shit". And of course his Windows Paint "skills".

Nick and Kerri said...

Is there a reason you'd be drinking lemonade this summer instead of beer? Hmmm? ;)

Christina said...

How clever is he?? Will he come do this for me??