Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poker? Damn near killed her!!!

So, Andy and some of his/our friends get together and play poker on Thursday nights when enough people are available. They rotate the houses they play at and tonight we are hosting. And although only Andy plays when he goes to play at the other guys' homes, I insitituted a house rule at my home.

If you play poker at my house, I get to play too.

I love poker. The boys tend to underestimate a lady playing poker too, so that usually works in my advantage.

Because little do they know I got 3rd place in a poker tournament. I even have a trophy to prove it.

There were maybe 50 people that entered and somehow I ended up at the final table. It was my first "real" tournament, and boy oh boy, was I shaking at that final table. I can't really hide my emotions. When I have a big hand, my pulse starts racing. My hands start shaking. I start sweating. In short, I become a hot mess.

It was down to about 5 of us, and I had a good hand. Another guy had raised big, and I went all in. He stared me down. My heart was beating through my chest and I tried to steady my hands by keeping them on the table. My strategy is to never look at them in the eye. I just kept my eyes on the table and felt his eyes on me. Watching me. Trying to figure out if I had something or not. He probably sat there staring at me and contemplating his next move for about 5 minutes.

He folded.

I took the pot and it helped keep me alive long enough to get 3rd place, that trophy and a $200 prize.

Never underestimate a lady, boys.


Erin Marie said...

Awesome =)

Keri said...

You go, girl!

There's a classic Friends episode about the women learning to play poker. Your post reminded me of that.

Heather said...

i love to play poker too! The second time in my life I played in a tournament of 35 people or so. I finished in 6th... the top 5 got money. sucks.