Monday, July 6, 2009

Hatten Fest V

The only way to properly celebrate America's birthday is to venture North to the Hatten Complex. I chose to say "Happy Birthday USA" by doing the following:

- Setting wood on fire

- Drinking beer

- Shooting a .22

- Floating down a river

- Consuming mass amounts of food

- Playing frisbee golf, cornhole, yard nards, and flip cup

- Laughing a lot

I attempted to document the event via photos, but I am a forgetful photographer most days. Here are some things I did capture on film:

My husband, 5 minutes after arrival:


Chief's tongue and Chief:


Parson's, The Dog Wrangler:


Flip Cup, to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger":


I like this photo, because aside from Jackie and Kara, nobody in the picture appears to be interacting with anyone else in the photo:


The Men + Jackie T:


The boil is poured:


The boil is consumed:


Sister Bonding Time (State vs. Tech)


My photos seem to end where the bong begins. . .

The Hotdog Eating Contest did not occur this year, as nobody challenged Andy. There was much discussion of the event, hotdog eating technique, etc. Andy declared that mass speed hotdog consumption "isn't so much about technique, it's more about level of awesomeness." I hope that someone finds their inner awesome and challenges him next year.

Is it July 4, 2010 yet?


Christina said...

I'm living through you! Looks like so much fun!

Nick and Kerri said...

I miss Chief!