Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Home Caledonia

Andy and I tend to travel a lot during the summer. We obviously enjoy traveling, but we also really enjoy being lazy. This weekend we got to stay home and make our own plans - and I had as great a weekend as ever.

Friday - Shopping with Kim - best friend in town from North Carolina. Lunch with Kim and her family. Evening pedicure. Andy coming home safely at night.

Saturday - 2 cups of coffee and the crossword. Long walk with the pup. Long run with me, myself and I. Fulton Street Farmer's Market. Afternoon beer and burger at the Ottawa Tavern. Afternoon ice cream at Coldstone. 10 year HS reunion at night.

Sunday - Sleeping in. Meeting, holding and pinching the cheeks of my new niece Abbygail. Dinner at Fowlerville Farms. 2 hour evening nap.




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Keri said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. We've been on the road almost every weekend since early May. Last weekend we had no plans though and it was fabulous!