Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Stuff #6 - Dogs

If you haven't yet been able to tell by my ubiquitous Toby postings, I'm kind of a fan of the doggies.


I mean, I sorta think they're kinda cute and all.


Oh, who am I kidding, I friggin' love dogs.

Not just my dog either, but pretty much all dogs. I mean, I might even like some dogs better than Toby. Namely dogs that don't eat iPods, bags of powdered sugar, books, shoes, etc.

I have been known to google image search "puppies" when I'm having a bad day. I can generally say after looking at a face like this for a few seconds, I somehow always feel a little better:


I'm not sure if it's his dopey expression (made more dopey by his crosseyes), his goofy smile or just his general gumpy demeanor - whatever it is, Toby makes me smile pretty much everytime I look at him.


Well, maybe I don't smile after he's destroyed something.


Nope, dang it, that picture still makes me smile.

Now, it's not just my dog that makes me happy, it's pretty much dogs in general. I came to write this entry today because I happened upon two fantastic articles about how great pups are.

The first is a picture article, about a program called Puppies Behind Bars.

Basically, it's a program where inmates at prisons help train service dogs and it warms my heart. Now, generally, prisoners wouldn't garner a warmed heart from me. I love the program for many reasons though. Why not get something useful out of these men behind bars? And dogs can increase moral and compassion in people too - so I'd imagine the prisoner would come out a better human being after training the dog.

This led me to another article about, Tuesday, a emotional service dog. It's about a dog that helps a veteran dealing with a multitude of psychological issues.

I'll just post one of my favorite parts from the article:

On a recent afternoon, Mr. Montalvan and Tuesday walked to a nearby subway station. The platform was crowded. Mr. Montalvan began to look agitated. Tuesday, who had been lying at his feet, jumped up and stood between his master and the nearest cluster of people, creating a buffer. Mr. Montalvan's breathing noticeably stabilized.

So, this post is for all the pups in the world. Thanks for being man (and lady's) best friend.

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