Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Stuff #7 - When People Make Car Noises

I listen to a lot of NPR and one of my favorite shows is Car Talk.

Why is this one of my favorite shows?

Because I simply love it when people call in and make the noise their car is making in an attempt to get a diagnosis from Click and Clack.

You can listen to last week's show for an example. Sue describes a problem with her '94 Jimmy:

"It makes a funny noise when you first start it up and it's cold. It makes a loud noise. Kind of a roaring noise. WHOOOORRAH!! I'll do it again. WHOOOOORRAH!!"

And then I laugh.


Heather said...

I enjoy your happy stuff posts. They make me smile.

sidenote: my DH LOVES cartalk too... everyone in his family does and they sit and talk about it frequently. I've never heard the show, so I don't quite get it...

Christina said...

That is funny. Car Talk is strangely entertaining.

apt said...

I LOVE car talk.