Monday, August 3, 2009

Only in da U.P., eh?

On Friday when we went up to Marquette, we did not have a hotel room booked. We just planned on finding a cheap little place to stay with our 2 other friends who had driven up.

Well, we found just that and more in the Venture Motel.

Our first sign that it was going to be an awesome place, was that it was right next to a hole-in-the-wall bar.

So, Andy strolls in to get a room for all of us. Upon reaching the office he reads the following note on the door.

"I'm working at the bar next door. Come over if you need something."

Andy then walks over to the bar, and sees the toothless bartender and 2 ladies sitting at the bar. He says, "Hey, I'm looking for the owner of the Motel - I wanted to get a room for the night."

All three ladies begin laughing.

The bartender tells him, "Oh honey, she just left and I think you better check some place else for a room."

So, a slightly confused Andy heads back towards the car, but then notices the office door is now open and there are 2 women in there. He enters the office and inquires about getting a room. The owner, a 65 year old woman named Suzy, is knee walking drunk. Falling over, word slurring sh*tfaced drunk. Luckily she has a friend there to help get Andy a room. She tried to run Andy's credit card about 5 times, but couldn't push the right buttons. Finally her friend stepped in to enter the correct amount and get us our room.

We dropped off our stuff, took Terp out for a few beers in downtown Marquette, then returned for a nightcap at the bar next door. We chit chat with the bartender a bit. She seems surprised when Andy tells her he was able to get a room. She then informs us of what happened with Suzy after she checked us in. Apparently, she wandered back to the bar and wanted her car keys so she could drive downtown. The bartender obviously didn't give them to her, so Suzy got angry and yelled "Fine! Then I'm walking!!" Mind you, downtown is at least a mile awhile, and at this point I doubt Suzy could have spelled her own name.

So, we had a few more drinks and got 6 cans of Strohs to go. As we headed back to the motel, a cop car pulled up. The cop gets out, acknowledges us with a nod, then opens the backseat door and says, "Alright Suzy, we're here. Do you have your keys? Can you make it through the door?"



Kerri said...

Hilarious stuff.

Keri said...

Only in da UP, for sure!! :-)