Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hitting the Old Dusty Trail

We awoke on the 6th day and were ready to hit the old dusty trail back to civilization.

This was a somewhat steep 5 mile hike down the Mist Trail. This means we passed many a waterfall.



And, once arriving to civilization, we did the first thing anyone who had been deprived of modern conveniences would do.


We drank beer and ate chips.

They were both delicious.

Upon arriving to our vehicle, we found the "Jeep Commander or similar" had acquired a thick layer of dust from sitting in the parking lot for a week. So we emblazened it with our tour name.


The name Sparse Facial Hair Tour was developed during a weeklong hiking trip on Isle Royale with Dennis, Terp, Andy and I in 2006. Why sparse? Because none of us can grow a proper beard. If you put the boys facial hair together - I think it would almost make one though. Dennis can grow hair on his chin and sideburn area, Terp can grow a beard on his neck and side face, and Andy can kind of grow some around his mouth.

Kind of.


That's Andy after not shaving for 9 days.

Even though Dave can grow a full beard about 7 minutes after shaving, we kept the tour name.

Before venturing out to the hotel and showering off a week's worth of filth and sweat, we checked out the Giant Sequoias.



And with that, we said good bye to Yosemite and thanked her for a wonderful time.



Keri said...

Wowza, those are big trees.

I love waterfalls.

Eric said...

You got some details wrong. I can grow a badass teenage mustach, as well.