Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost Healthy

Yesterday I decided I wanted to take in the lovely weather and save my run for after work.

Then Andy tempted me to go to Founders instead.

I held strong and went on my run.

Healthy success.

Then I got home and decided I was thirsty.

So we went to Founders and had a beer.

Then we went to Brewery Vivant and had another beer.

Then we went to Green Well and had another beer.

Healthy fail.


Monica said...

Love it, you needed those beers to refuel your carbs level of course! We were at Brewery Vivant last night too, around 7ish. Too bad we didn't run into you guys! :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be said...

But you still got your run in! I'm impressed with your decision-making skills. A few beers are good for recovery ;)