Monday, June 27, 2011

Biker Chick

*knock, knock*

Who's there?


ADHD who?

Hey wanna go ride bikes?

Yes, I do indeed want to go ride bikes.

At some point in the past few months, I decided that running, softball, drinking and broomball were not giving me enough opportunities at self injury. We did a lot of research and some test riding at all the local bike shops before ending up with this beauty:

And then we took it for an inaugural spin.

Don't worry, I put a helmet on before actually attempting to pedal.

I should note the memory of my inaugral bike ride when I was 7 years old and got a bike for my birthday. The fancy kind with streamers coming out of the handlebars. And I took it out for a spin wearing my birthday dress and favorite tights - the ones covered in colorful hearts. And I bit it maybe 1 minute into that ride. My favorite tights and knees did not fare so well.

So with that memory fresh in my mind, off we went. Andy borrowed a road bike from a coworker, and although he ran into a slight snafu with the chain, we had a fairly uneventful 20 miler. By uneventful, I mean that when we returned home there were no torn tights and nobody was bleeding.

And in our family, we have the very low standard of "not bleeding = success."

Hopefully I have many more successful bike rides in my future.

But I won't be wearing any of my favorite heart colored tights though, just in case.

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Keri said...

Nice looking bike!