Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Year of the Midas

It's about the time I realize the Fourth of July is coming up that I figure I should post what happened on the last holiday I only half wrote about. Here are events that happened:

Losers without sweet, barely functioning RV's pitched tents in Tent City.

Andy hooked up his jockey box to dispense his homemade beer.

Facts: That is a Jason Giambi bobblehead we got for free when we went to an A's game that time we were in San Francisco after hiking Yosemite. The Schlitz bottle was purchased for 25 cents the week prior at a garage sale.

Frisbee golf was played.

I only played half a game, because I am possibly the worst frisbee thrower that ever lived ever. When I start to lose track of my score I usually just wander back to the fire and drink my beer because that takes way less thought and effort.

The youngest person in attendance discovered she could pretend Toby was a horse. She proceeded to pretend he was a horse most of the rest of the weekend.

Toby's brain: Is that a wall? I should probably bark at it. Is someone climbing on me and squealing? I guess I'll just lay here.

Cornhole was played.

A basketball game broke out.

Acceptable defense in Engabasketball: Tackling and biting.

A softball game happened too.

Note to self: When running to first base, beware of any 115 pound dogs running at your kneecaps. You will be taken out and you will be bruised.

Andy set new fashion highs.

There was a dance party. On top of King Midas.

In summary, a good time was had by all.

Now, since this post is already longer than my usual total number of posts in one month combined, I'll give the short and low on what happened with the Midas on the way back:

We couldn't start it. After 45 minutes of tinkering, it started.

We decided our best option was to not turn it off the rest of the trip. Yes, even while getting gas.

King Midas had plans of his own and turned off at a rest stop all by himself.

We traded beers for bolts with some guy in the parking lot to repair the Midas.

We had to give him the beers discretely so his kids wouldn't see.

After about 90 minutes we were on the road again and made it safely home.

Engamorial Day 2011: The Year of the Midas

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