Thursday, November 20, 2008

London Calling

Photo courtesy of E01 on Flickr

Oh bloody 'ell. That daft crumpet is blogging again.

I have no idea why I love the British so much. Perhaps it's the accents. Perhaps it's from the summer I lived/worked in London. Perhaps it's because their sayings are the best and there's no need to wonder why they're so entertaining - they just are.

My husband won't let me speak with a fake British accent. Maybe because I do it at the loudest/shrekiest level possible and he in turn tells me I sound ugly.

I worked with first graders and fourth graders while I was in London. There were a few times when I had NO idea what the kids were trying to tell me. For example:

I was in the first grade classroom when one of my sweet little 6 year olds came up to me with a sad face and her hand outstretched.

Me: What do you need, Tilly? (I'm not making that up - could her name BE any more British?)

Tilly (in her cute little accent): I've hurt my finger.

Me: Awww, let me see. (I examine the barely visible owwie on her finger)

Teacher: Can you get her a plaster? I'm out but there's some in the lounge.

Me: A what?

Teacher: A plaster.

Me: A what?

Teacher: Oh, you call them something different, don't you? Um, do you know, it's like a sticker that you'd put on a cut?

Me: Oh, a band-aid.

Teacher: YES! A "band-aid" (said in American accent). Could you run and get some?

Then there was the time the fourth graders were going to be playing tennis in gym.

David: We get to learn tennis today. Do you know how to play?

Me: Yes, actually, I played a lot back home.

David: Are you heavy?

Me: Am I what?

David: Are you heavy?

Me: What?

David: (completely exasperated in me): Ughhhh, are you any good?

I was straight rubbish when it came to understanding those blokes.


Keri said...

This blog post just totally made me day. I am positively cracking up!!

I have never even been to Britain, and yet I am obsessed with all things British and have been since I was in junior high. Back, then when all my friends dreamed of marrying guys from boy bands, I was busy dreaming about Prince William.

I'm jealous that you lived there for awhile. Its on my list of places to visit "someday".

bridechic said...

Fab photo! Find myself writing and doing lots of posts on British fashion, designers, brides, etc.

Eric said...

LOL. A female British friend of mine - very cutesy, always seems younger than she is - once asked me (London accent): "Oh, Eric: Are you going to come to my party?"

I could not have said no if I'd have tried.