Monday, September 19, 2011

Belgian Beer Fest

After being surprised and then searching for freeedom, we buckled down for Boston's main event.

Belgian Beer Fest

Now, let me start by saying, that Belgian beers are my favorite type of beer.

It would not be an exageration to say that I love them and I want to marry them.

And then let me finish by saying, this Beer Fest was all you can drink.

No tokens.

Just a glass.

And a million Belgian beers ready to be sampled responsibly poured down my gullet as fast as I could.

And I was surrounded by some of my favorite people.

In short, I think this was as close as I've ever been to Heaven on Earth.

I enjoyed the beer and the company for the full 3 hours of the event. It was the perfect endcap to an amazing weekend and I certainly won't be forgetting my 30th birthday any time soon.

Well, maybe a few of the memories after drinking all of that beer were kind of forgotten or fuzzy.

But aside from that, it was a weekend to be remembered.

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