Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Searching for Freedom

While in Boston with my super awesome husband and BFFs, we went on a search for freedom.

I dubbed the following our theme song for the day:

I didn't know which video was better so do yourself a favor and watch both. One showcases the Hoff sporting a sweet duster and the other features dancing ladies in mom jeans. A win either way.

Basically we just acted like sheep and followed a red line all around Boston visiting the historical sites. It's actually a nice way to give yourself a guided self tour of the city. It's also a nice way to make your friends be awkward by having them reenact the scenes of each landmark.

Location of Paul Revere's Ride:

Some people rioted here:

This is where the Declaration of Independence was first read:

And some guy died in a battle here:

That monument was the end of the Freedom Trail, but it's not the end of our adventures. The centerpeice of the trip, featuring (what else) beer, shall be discussed next.

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