Monday, September 12, 2011

The Surprise of a Lifetime.

This past weekend I was delivered the biggest surprise of my life for my 30th birthday.

No, I won't be appearing on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Let's get that out of the way first. Although I think the surprise I felt was equal to that of one of the girls on that show.

The mystery began on Tuesday evening. I don't normally work on Fridays, but needed to due to the Labor Day holiday earlier in the week. In chatting with Andy about my schedule, he informed me that I needed to be done working by noon on Friday. And that was all he had to say about that.

Since I enjoy being surprised, I didn't pry. I just fixed my schedule and when Friday came along, I stopped working at noon.

Andy arrived home from working his half day, and told me to pack for a weekend of moderate temperatures. I did as told, and also packed the car for our road trip - filled water bottles, brought snacks, etc. Little did I know, it was going to be a short car ride.

As we began our drive, I noted where we weren't going based on the fact that he wasn't heading toward the eastbound highway. I then noted he wasn't going on the westbound highway. Or any highway at all.

"Are we going to the airport?" I asked, flabbergasted.

Andy just smiled.

We arrived at the airport and he gave me my first ticket. We had a layover in Detroit. When we deplaned in Detroit, I scanned the computer screen that showed us all the connecting possibilities, still completely in the dark as to where I was headed.

He informed me we had an hour wait, and we did some walking to kill time. He would stop at certain gates, as though it was ours and stand there smiling before moving on to another gate, continuing to play games with my brain.

When I scanned the options, I had noted Washington DC and Charlotte as possibilities. I was hopeful these would be correct, because some of my best friends live there and I had been missing my friends lately.

However, Andy finally revealed our mystery location just before boarding.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

I was excited because we had discussed wanting to go there and knew it would be a fun city to explore. When we arrived and headed to the hotel room, Andy revealed he had splurged for a suite. He also noted that he hadn't really had any time to research what to do or where to go.

It was at this point, I felt a little let down. I was happy he had done such a sweet surprise and that we were going to have a nice time away. But I had gotten my hopes up that I'd be seeing my friends after looking at the connecting flights. So I was also a little sad that I wouldn't be seeing my friends, and that he had spent extra money on a suite which didn't seem necessary, and that he had done no planning beyond buying the ticket and getting the room. My disappointment was beginning to show a bit, and Andy left the room to go grab a drink.

Although you may see what's coming next in the story, I didn't see it coming at all.

When he returned from "grabbing a drink." He had no drink in hand.

He was, however, followed by three of my best friends wearing Happy Birthday hats.

It was then that my face exploded in tears of happiness and shock as I hugged my friends and tried to comprehend what was happening.

My husband had surprised me with a trip to Boston. My friends had surprised me by flying from their respective homes to celebrate with me. I felt such happiness and gratitude for having such an amazing husband and such wonderful friends.

And yes, there is video of the surprise moment. My friend took the video so I don't have it yet, and I can't guarantee that I'll post evidence of my insane blubbering.

After I finished bawling and became fully convinced that I wasn't dreaming, we had an incredible time in Boston.

Details on the weekend festivities to come.


Keri said...

Oh, my gosh, that is the sweetest thing ever! It brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful surprise!

Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

What a fantastic surprise! Way to go, Andy!

apt said...

I love that this happened.
Good luck planning his next birthday. ;)

Monica said...

Wow. That is an amazing surprise! :) Smiling for you and all the fun you must have had.