Monday, September 26, 2011

Jackson Bar Crawl

After we landed in Jackson Hole, we picked up our car rental for the week.

Car Rental Lady: Since you signed up for this online with a discount for what is available, it looks like we have a van for you. Will that be okay or would you like to upgrade to a car at an additional cost?


Yes, we had a van for our trip and it was amazing.

After we parked our sweet ride, we proceeded to see the town.

And by "town" I mean "beer."

Snake River Brewing provided a myriad of delicious beer. The best beer we had on our trip, actually. Then we went to the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for a beer, where they have saddles instead of seats at the bar.

Skirts and saddles don't really mix.

Then we walked by Jackson Square, which contains four entrance ways made of antelope antlers.

And we subsequently noted there was a free concert featuring a Grateful Dead cover band. Since we enjoy jam bands and watching hippies dance, we bought some beer and relaxed for a bit.

Then we ventured to a Thai restaurant and brewery. This was the first brewery I've ever been to that doubled as a Thai restaurant - the beer was okay and the food was delicious. Since we decided we wanted to get up early the next morning to get our hiking permit and take some sunrise photos, we called it a night after dinner.

Although we originally planned on entering the trail on Sunday, we had decided to try to start the hike on Saturday. Because it only takes 16 hours to acclimate to the altitude change.

You may understand that this was stupid of us, but after drinking our way through Jackson Hole, we obviously weren't thinking very clearly.

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Keri said...

Saddles instead of bar stools?! Oh my.