Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Confession

I have an embarassing confession to make.

I have a very bad habit. A habit I've had at least since college.

I sing songs w/my made up lyrics in place of the real ones.

All. Day. Long.

I also do not have a good singing voice, but thankfully Andy doesn't mind. He even joins in sometimes.

Now, this might not seem that ridiculous to you.

Sometimes the silly will focus itself on my friends. For example, we're going to visit my friend Kerri in VA in a few days so obviously "Going to the Chapel" turned into:

Going to Virginia and we're
Gonna see Keeeeeeerri
Gee I really miss her but now I'm
Gonna see Keeeeeerrri

And so on and so forth.

And on my friend Kara's 30th Birthday it's quite obvious that "Gin and Juice" had to become "Orange Hurricane."

With so much drama in the DLG
It's kinda hard being Kara and turning thirty
But she, somehow someway
Keeps looking 10 years younger like every single day

I sang more after that, but it's more insde jokes about her dog Gus in the living room eating a Kong and how he ain't quittin' till 6 in the mornin'. It ended with us rolling down her street and sipping Orange Hurricane (Booooone's Faaaaaarm) with my mind on her birthday and her birthday on my mind.

But, it seems my creativity has been lax and I've settled on using two certain guys for most of my lyrics.

So a great deal of the time when I'm engaged in cooking, cleaning or wandering about I'll be singing about my dogs.

For example, "My Humps" easily becomes "My Head."

Whatcha gonna do with all that head?
All that head on top yo' neck?
I'm a melt, melt, melt, melt yo' face
Melt your face with my big head
My head, my head, my head
My big ol' Toby head

G-Bear (Gordie's nickname) easily falls into the spot the word "DJ" would ever occupy.

So baby tonight
The G-Bear got me rubbing bellies again
So scratch, scratch like it's the last, last bear of your life, life
Gon' pet you right

And now you know why this is a bad (and lame and sad and ridiculous) habit.

And something worthy of a confession.

1 comment:

Keri said...

I once made up a song about our cats to the tune of Old McDonald Had a Farm: "Ol' Miss Zoey had a farm... meow meow meow.. and on that farm there was a Jinxy....".

Both cats literally came running to me and stared. I do not have a good voice and I think they were concerned about the noise.

I love your lyrics though. Very creative!