Saturday, August 13, 2011

Of Mice and Boys

The scene: It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. I'm in the living room, playing on the computer. Andy is tidying up in the kitchen/eating area.

Andy: OH MY GOD - Honey, there's a mouse in here!

Me: What??!!? Gross!!!

Andy: Come look!

Me: NO!! Do something with it!

Andy: I don't know what to do with it!

Me: Put it in a box or something! Grab the tupperware on the counter!

Andy: Ok

Andy proceeds to grab Tupperware while I continue to refuse to look as he traps the mouse in.

Andy: I don't know it might be dead or something.

Me: Ewww!

With the implication that it might be dead, I turned to look. And this is what I saw:

Andy: Ha, ha, ha, PRANKS! Yeah, that was a good one. High five?



1 comment:

Keri said...

LOL! This is an excellent prank.