Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Doddering Am I Part III

Welp, this will be the final round in determing how much of a grandma I am. Round 1 and Round 2 have left me with a current score of 5/20. Unless something goes terribly wrong here, I think I may make it out of this with a few scraps of my youth in tact.

21. Joining the National Trust.

My internets searching skills have led me to find that this is a British organization that takes care of the outdoors. Since I like wood(s), I think I have to give myself a check for this one.

22. Becoming a parish councillor.

First, what up with your spelling, Brits? Second, unless all photographic evidence of my college years is destroyed, I will never be voted into public office.

23. Complaining about the rubbish on television these days.

It's called stating the GD facts, not complaining.

24. Ears growing bigger.

I haven't been keeping accurate measurements of my ears, but I'm going with a no here.

25. Preferring a Sunday walk to a lie-in.

I do enjoy walks with the brudders. And I'm not lie-in. Ba-dum, ching!

26. Being shocked by racy music videos.

Do they still make music videos?

27. Going on a 'no children' cruise.

Cruise = booze and that's no place for babies.

28. Taking a keen interest in the garden.

I'll take a keen interest the same day it stops being so boring. Which is never.

29. Enjoy being asked for proof of age.

Well, kind of.

30. Knowing your alcohol limit.

I know my alcohol limit. We've met once or twice before.

That's the last question, and the survey says:


11 in favor of crantankerous and 19 in favor of hipness.

Although I'm still 1/3 doddering, I'll take that as a win.

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