Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chef Andy

Usually Andy and I split the cooking pretty evenly. Yesterday I asked him to cook because I was going to be late getting home.

He found a recipe for a creamy chicken taco soup. Delicious.

However, he found that we did not have all the ingredients. He did a good job substituting other things or just omitting a few items.

Then the recipe asked for kidney beans. This is where he failed. In his own words:

"Well, it asked for kidney beans, but we didn't have any. Then I saw we had pork and beans, so I figured I could get the beans out of there. But then I just ended up eating the pork and beans out of the can with a fork. So there aren't any beans in the soup."

It's the thought that counts. Right?


Heather said...

lol. Ben and I went to Hopcat for their burger deal last night! Thanks for alerting us to that great deal!

Christina said...

That is hliarious!

Keri said...

Ha! I give him kudos for finding a recipe and then preparing it, even if it was missing the beans.

Nick and Kerri said...

Kidney beans are gross anyway. :)