Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is my life

Welcome to my life.

I left for work this morning.

My fridge was filled with things like eggs, milk and orange juice.

Items that would fit into the category "Food".

Or the category "Things That Should Be in a Fridge".

In a seemingly unrelated event, Toby pooped.

Outside, where dog poop belongs.

Good Boy.

Andy picked up the poop in a bag to drop off at the vet.

Andy did not have time to go to vet.

Andy knew he did not have time to go to the vet.

Andy still collected the poop.

Andy put dog poop in the fridge.

Bad Husband.

I have dog poop in my fridge.

This is my life.

The End.


Christina said...

too funny.

Heather said...


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karen said...

i was trying to re-tell the story and could not get through it because i kept laughing so hard i cried between each sentence. thanks!